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Eenos is the Fastest Hosting Control Panel

Eenos comes with a combination of web servers and cache servers. You can tune the server with any combination you like. The web servers are Nginx, OpenliteSpeed, and HTTPD. All these web servers can integrated with the Varnish Cache frontend server.


Run your websites on a Nginx high-performance cache server.


You can choose OpenLiteSpeed as your preferred web server.


Host your web apps with Apache HTTPD web server.


Choose the Varnish Cache server with your web servers and increase speed.


Combine Varnish Cache with Nginx and HTTPD web servers to deliver maximum.


If you are not satisfied, choose Varnish with OpenliteSpeed and Nginx.

Eenos is a modern high-performance hosting control panel. You can host your traditional websites and modern Fintech apps with Eenos. You can deploy your Artificial intelligence, Chatbot, and data analytics web apps on Eenos with one click.

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