Eenos web hosting features

Traditional Web Hosting Control Panel Features

Eenos web hosting control panel has all the features of your traditional web hosting. It is easy to migrate from your old control panels to Eenos. You can easily manage the control panel and the user interfaces are very friendly.

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Admin, Reseller and User Control Panel

Eenos is a tire three web hosting control panel. Eenos has interfaces for server administrators, reseller accounts and end users.

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High Performance Web Server Collections

Eenos supports Apache, Nginx, and OpenLitespeed web servers with the Varnish Cache frontend server. You can combine the webservers too.

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Modern Database Engines for Apps

Eenos supports MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Percona MySQL database engines. You can enable traditional MySQL and MariaDB servers as remote SQL servers.

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Generic Hosting Features

Features for Web Hosting

Exim SMTP server for managing email accounts

Dovecot IMAP / pop3 server with Pigeonhole sieve

Pure-FTPD FTP server for managing files and FTP accounts.

Let's Encrypt for automatic SSL Certificate provisioning.

BIND9 DNS server for DNS record management with easy UI.

Schedule backups and upload to remote storage locations.

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Migrate to Eenos

Start Migrating to the Eenos Hosting Platform

Eenos is designed to give a better future for the web hosting industry. You can open an ocean of features in web hosting for your clients. Eenos can beat your traditional old hosting panel.

What Is the benefits of Eenos?

It is easy to get started with the Eenos control panel. Management of the Eenos server is easy compared to others. Eenos is fully developed in Python programming language and 99% of the code is open.

What is the Pricing Scheme of Eenos?

Eenos has a per-server-based pricing. There are no limitations in either the number of users or websites in the license system. The pricing will never change as long as the license is active.

How Experienced Are Our Team Members?

The research team behind the Eenos web hosting control panel has 25+ years of experience in the industry. We know almost all web hosting control panels and it's internal. We understand how the industry is struggling with monopoly, financial issues, features, etc., So we decided to start a change so that everybody benefits from a new future.


Multi Selector Platform

Sand Boxed Apps Deployment

python sandbox

Multi Python

Host multiple Python web applications with your selected Python version.

nodejs sandbox

Multi NodeJS

Deploy multiple NodeJS applications with your selected NodeJS version.

Ruby on rails

Multi Ruby

Host Ruby and Ruby on Rails applications with a specific version of Ruby.

muti php

Multi PHP

Deploy unlimited PHP websites with multiple php options and control the php values.

Eenos is a modern high-performance hosting control panel. You can host your traditional websites and modern Fintech apps with Eenos. You can deploy your Artificial intelligence, Chatbot, and data analytics web apps on Eenos with one click.

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