Sandboxed Apps

Every App Can Have a Sandbox Environment

With Eenos hosting control panel, you can deploy unlimited web apps in a sandbox environment. The sandbox environment supports Python, Ruby, NodeJS, and Ruby on Rails web apps.

sandbox python

Sandboxed Python

Deploy Python web apps on any selected version of Python.

sandbox ruby

Sandboxed Ruby

Host your generic ruby application with your selected ruby version.

sandbox nodejs

Sandboxed NoeJS

Build your NodeJS app with your choice of NodeJS version.

Sandbox Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

Host your Ruby on Rails web application with a suitable Ruby.

Multi PHP

Multiple PHP

Host your WordPress or PHP websites with your PHP version.

API Servers

REST API Servers

Build and deploy REST API web apps in several ways.

Eenos is a modern high-performance hosting control panel. You can host your traditional websites and modern Fintech apps with Eenos. You can deploy your Artificial intelligence, Chatbot, and data analytics web apps on Eenos with one click.

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