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Announcing Expanded Support for Eenos Web Hosting Control Panel

We are thrilled to announce that the Eenos web hosting control panel is now available on a wider range of operating systems. This expansion means that more users can now enjoy the powerful features and capabilities of Eenos. The newly supported operating systems include:

  • Rocky Linux 9
  • Alma Linux 9
  • RHEL 9
  • CloudLinux 9

Support for these operating systems is effective immediately, ensuring that users on these platforms can take full advantage of Eenos' robust functionality and performance.

About Eenos

Eenos is a cutting-edge, high-performance web hosting control panel designed to accommodate both traditional websites and modern applications. It offers comprehensive support for developing and hosting applications using a variety of technologies, including:

  • Programming Languages : Python, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, PHP
  • Web Servers : Nginx, Apache, LiteSpeed & Varnish
  • Databases : MongoDB, Percona MySQL, PostgreSQL

Whether you are hosting a simple website or a complex application, Eenos provides the tools and environment necessary to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Seamless Migration from Other Control Panels

Migrating to Eenos from other control panels such as cPanel and DirectAdmin is made simple with our free, open-source migration tools. These tools are designed to migrate every aspect of your existing hosting setup, including:

  • Hosting packages
  • Websites
  • Databases
  • Email accounts
  • FTP accounts
  • DNS settings
  • Reseller privileges

Our migration tools convert existing hosting accounts into the Eenos backup format, making it easy to restore them on the Eenos control panel with minimal downtime and hassle.

Integration with Billing Systems

Eenos offers a free WHMCS integration module, renowned as the best hosting panel integration module in the industry. This integration allows for seamless management of billing and client services, providing a streamlined experience for server owners and web hosting companies.

Competitive Pricing

Eenos is committed to providing better pricing options for server owners and web hosting companies. Our pricing model is designed to offer exceptional value without compromising on features or performance.

Enhanced Security and Optimization

Security is at the core of Eenos' development. Built entirely on Python, Eenos operates on high-performance web servers, ensuring that it is one of the fastest control panels for running web applications. Our focus on security and optimization means that your data and applications are always protected and running at peak efficiency.

Run Modern Web Applications with High Performance

Eenos stands out as the only control panel that supports a wide variety of web servers and caching engines. This flexibility allows you to deploy advanced applications, including artificial intelligence and analytics apps, with a single click. The high-performance environment provided by Eenos ensures that your applications run smoothly and efficiently, regardless of their complexity.

In summary, the Eenos web hosting control panel is now more accessible than ever, with expanded support for additional operating systems and a range of features designed to enhance your web hosting experience. Whether you are migrating from another control panel or starting fresh, Eenos offers the tools, performance, and security needed to manage your hosting environment with confidence.

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Eric Stephen

Sr.Software Engineer

Eric is a Senior software Engineer. He is a linux geek and have good knowledge in building custom Linux applications. He is also an expert python programmer.

Eenos is a modern high-performance hosting control panel. You can host your traditional websites and modern Fintech apps with Eenos. You can deploy your Artificial intelligence, Chatbot, and data analytics web apps on Eenos with one click.

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