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Eenos is the first and only control panel designed to deliver high-performance websites. You can choose a single web server or a combination of web servers with the Varnish cache front-end server.

You can read more about the official documentation from here.

Eenos control panel supports Nginx, OpenLiteSpeed, and Apache HTTPD server with Varnish Cache front end.

To setup a webserver use the following command :


Supported Web Server Combinations

The following web server combinations are supported with the Eenos hosting control panel.


You can install the Nginx standalone web server in the Eenos hosting control panel. Websites and apps run nginx standalone web servers.

Run the following command to setup Nginx only web server:

/usr/local/eenos/scripts/setupwebserver -i nginx

Apache HTTPD

To install and use the traditional Apache HTTPD web server only, use the following command.

/usr/local/eenos/scripts/setupwebserver -i httpd


You can use OpenLiteSpeed as your web server. It is another modern web server and a replacement for Apache HTTPD.

/usr/local/eenos/scripts/setupwebserver -i ols

Nginx + HTTPD

The Nginx + Apache HTTPD web servers. It is the default installation choice. It combines the performance of Nginx and the usability of the Apache web server. You can use Nginx as a proxy, hybrid, or stand-alone with this mode.

The proxy mode will setup the websites as a proxy server and all requests will be served from Apache. The hybrid mode will serve static files from Nginx and dynamic scripts from HTTPD. Stand-alone mode will serve everything from Apache.

The mode of the website is called app template or vhost template. Eenos provides a huge combination of optimized app templates for the web server. You can also build the templates or customize them as you wish.

You may use the following command to install this mode.

/usr/local/eenos/scripts/setupwebserver -i nginxhttpd

Nginx + Varnish

To use the varnish cache server in front of the Nginx web server use the following command,

/usr/local/eenos/scripts/setupwebserver -i nginxvarnish

HTTPD + Varnish

To set up the Varnish Cache server in front of the Apache HTTPD server, use the following command,

/usr/local/eenos/scripts/setupwebserver -i httpdvarnish

OpenLiteSpeed + Varnish

To set up the Varnish cache server in front of the OpenLiteSpeed web server, use the following command,

/usr/local/eenos/scripts/setupwebserver -i olsvarnish

Nginx + HTTPD + Varnish

To run the Varnish Cache server in front of the Nginx + Apache HTTPD server combination and deliver the maximum performance for web apps. Use the following command to do the setup.

/usr/local/eenos/scripts/setupwebserver -i nginxhttpdvarnish

Nginx + OpenLiteSpeed + Varnish

If you are crazy enough to run a combination of Varnish Cache with Nginx and OpenLiteSpeed web servers, it is also possible.

/usr/local/eenos/scripts/setupwebserver -i nginxolsvarnish

Eenos is the only control panel that provides these features.

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Eenos is a modern high-performance hosting control panel. You can host your traditional websites and modern Fintech apps with Eenos. You can deploy your Artificial intelligence, Chatbot, and data analytics web apps on Eenos with one click.

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